Biore: Male grooming #1

Last night when Achilles came home from work, I asked him while he was unpacking his gym bag, if he had any male grooming products he'd recommend. Knowing as I do that he's quite fond of his appearance.

I was amazed as the normally reticent Achilles gave me quite a few tips, which I will share with you. In fact, as I listened to his wisdom, it sort of built into quite a good how-to guide. But lets not rush things - we'll take it step by step.

biore pore stripsThe first product he recommended for men is the Biore pore strip.

If you are male and new to skincare, it's likely that you will be astonished by the amount of gunge that a Biore will remove. The Biore website reveals many quite frankly disgusting facts, such as: Did you know your pores can store dirt and oil up to 20 years old? TWENTY YEARS OLD!? God I feel faint.


A Biore pore strip will pull all the blackheads, oil and dirt out of your skin - quite dramatically. You'll see it on the back of the strip. So this is why Achilles recommended it as the first product to use. Men like to see results, he said, they want practical products, not some namby pamby 3 step programme or whatever. At first anyway.

You basically wet your face, stick the pore strip onto your nose and let it dry. Then peel it off. Hey presto! Admire the gruesome results for a while. You'll notice the difference immediately - with pores unblocked your skin will look cleaner and fresher. Do this a couple of times a week and then it's time to move onto the next step.

Buy Biore pore strips in any chemist for not much more than the price of a pint.

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