Burning Question: Do You Strip? (Your Nose That Is)

I was bingeing on Orange Is The New Black last weekend (what else am I supposed to do in boring, miserable January?) and one of the contraband items the women were mad after were Bioré strips.



The notion of nose blackheads was something I hadn't thought about in ages (I'm blaming it on crappy winter lighting) so when I tentatively looked in the mirror I was horrified to see loads of them! So gross. Not to mention the pores. Oh those gigantic pores.

Mother and daughter are putting on face cream.


I remembered that I had squirrelled away Deep Cleansing Nose Strips from Derma10 somewhere and applied one immediately (after steaming my face first of course!) and the difference was instant. How I hadn't noticed the uneven texture under my make-up is beyond me.

Anne Hathaway

So, do you use nose cleansing strips or do they bring you straight back to your awkward teenage days? How do you banish those blasted blackheads? Do you have handy tricks or is this job best left to the professionals? Let's confess in the comments!

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