Bridesmaid makeup do's and don'ts you should know before the wedding day

We all know the bride should be the centre of attention on her wedding day, but bridesmaids are important too. Those pictures will be around to haunt you forever, dontcha know...


  • Forget to have a fake tan trial before the wedding. Nobody wants orange bridesmaids
  • Wear a high SPF on your face. It causes 'ghost face' syndrome in the pictures
  • Think all bridesmaids need to look the exact same. Makeup should differ to suit each individual bridesmaid's colouring, eye and face shape
  • Match your eyeshadow to your dress; that's so 1999
  • Tell the makeup artist to do whatever they want. You might not like the makeup look they say is all the rage these days
  • Go as heavy as you would on a night out, heavy foundation and eye makeup can look cakey in natural daylight


  • Prep your skin in the weeks coming up to the wedding
  • Get a light spray of tan on your face if you are having a spray tan done. If you don't, your body might look more orange/yellow toned than your face in pictures
  • Have an idea of what you would like your makeup to look like
  • Try a monochromatic colour scheme. You can wear eye make up that complements your dress by using different tints and tones of the same colour
  • Wear individual fake eyelashes as opposed to strips. They are WAY more comfortable
  • Bring your favourite lipstick. Lipstick never lasts so you an use it to top up later.

Bridesmaid makeup inspiration:

What wedding day beauty disaster do you fear the most?

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