This brow dupe will save you €16

Both products are impressive but there's a big price difference.

We all know at this stage just how important your eyebrows are. Yet finding the right product to emphasize your arches can be a challenge. Between pencils, powders, gels, creams and markers its trial and error a lot of the time to find your perfect brow enhancer.



Benefit Ka-Brow €26

My recent favourite is Ka-Brow from Benefit. I love the longevity of the product and I love that it looks natural and just fills in small gaps in my brows without looking drawn in. It doesn't smudge or run down my face throughout the day. It was my brow product of choice for my wedding day as I got married in the sun and in 30 degree heat. You can't risk your brows melting down your face!



L'Oreal Paradise Brow Gel Pomade €12.99

If Benefit's price tag that's just a little out of your budget, worry not. L'Oreal has just launched The Paradise Family. Their first collection is decked out in rose gold packaging which looks super swish. The product is also a pleasure to use; it glides on the brows and works a treat. The heavily pigmented, non-smudge and fade-free formula lasts and lasts, and certainly is giving Benefit a run for its money. I have to say having tried this, I'm impressed.

What is your favourite brow product?

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