Product of the Day: Catrice Sheer Serum Bronzer

Last week, Sarah raved about the Limited Edition Soleil D'Ete collection and the Catrice Sheer Serum Bronzer is one standout product

Versatility in a product is one of my favourite things. When one simple thing does many things it makes me happy. The Catrice Sheer Serum Bronzer is a fabilis little gem that can be used in so many ways.

Mix it with your existing foundation to give it more of a dewy finish. Use it to highlight specific areas like down the nose, cheek bones, cupids bow, ears, brow bone, collar bones and shoulders. Or mix it with your leg tan to highlight those pins.

Catrice Sheer Serum Bronzer €5.50

It is also an almost exact dupe for the brilliant Bare Minerals Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer that we used up last summer. We literally used it every day. We're stocking up on Catrice - it's limited edition, so we suggest you do the same.

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