CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara: Long Name, Long Lashes. Review, Pics

This mascara from CODE Beautiful is getting a bit of response online. We at are like small children about cosmetics - if we see that someone else has something and likes it, we immediately want to try it out too. Our interests were piqued by this newcomer - it's even had a mention in Vogue, which is no small deal.

So I set to bedecking my own not terribly impressive lashes with this dark goo in the hope that it would live up to its promises. I was happy to see that this product has an old fashioned mascara wand. With BRISTLES! I can't stand this rubber nonsense. Rubber mascara brushes work for some folks, and that's lovely indeed. However, they make my eyelashes look like they are infested with small, persistent slugs.

I don't intend to die alone and be eaten by cats just because my rubber mascara wand made me look like I had an infestation. So... the fact that CODE VLM does not have a rubber brush gladdens my beating heart.


You notice two things the moment you remove the wand from the tube - the brush is much stiffer than standard - the bristles are quite hard and don't budge, and it is black black black.

The folks at CODE VLM recommend an application method which I always use anyway, which is to get the brush right down to the root of the lashes, wriggle it a little, then rotate it as you pull it through the lashes. Regardless of which mascara you use, this method will reduce clumping, promote separation and create the best effect.


top: One coat bottom: Two coats top: One coat
bottom: Two coats

I'm impressed by the effect; this is certainly a very good mascara. The result is lengthened, more volumised, blacker-than-black lashes. My own lashes are quite fine, which means that without added falsies they always have a slightly wispy look, which I don't love. Still, this mascara boosted them a lot.

I don't think it tops my favourite of all time - YSL's Faux Cils - but it does come close!

CODE VLM Volumising Lengthening Mascara from CODE Beautiful (jeez, that's a mouthful!) is available from Harvey Nichols and online. It will set you back €24.50 for 12ml, which is larger than standard.


Have you tried this offering from CODE? Are you a fan of the new fancy brushes or do you like the old school bristles? Tell us in the comments!

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