A universally flattering one-shade-suits-all lip liner DOES exist

We have found a lip liner that pretty much suits everyone. And it's great quality and easy to use, too

If you have small lips, or if they are asymmetric, or if you just want to change the shape of your lips in general, the best way to do it is to find a really good lip liner.

A good lip liner can really add to the shape and size of your lips, but in a non-obvious way, thank God. Gone are the days when that '90s retro dark liner and light lip was in fashion. Now the most important thing is to find a lip liner that is almost identical to your natural lips. When you find one you that works perfectly you understand the true value of the perfect lip liner colour.

Annoyingly, the perfect nude can be slightly hard to come across. As we know, the colour 'nude' is not a one-shade-suits-all. With the happy exception of this one from Code Beautiful.

Code Beautiful Soft Smooth Lip Liner €20



It comes in this 'universal' colour that I think is perfect to reshape the lips. The creamy texture is extremely blendable so you can wear it on its own with a bit of a gloss or salve over it or under your favourite lipstick. As the liner is so remarkably like the natural lip colour, it really creates the effect of a whatever 'perfect' natural lip you desire. With big lips being all the rage these days, why not try doing it the natural way with the perfect lip liner? It's £18 and available from the Code Beautiful website.

Do you use a lip liner or are you haunted by visions of your former '90s self?

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