Colgate Professional Weekly Clean: superclean your teeth in between dentist visits


"Carpe Dente: seize the teeth". Said Mrs Doubtfire fishing her falsies drunkenly out of her Chardonnay.

Now I've not got false teeth and I wanted to give my real ones a little treat. I LOVE the feeling you get after a tooth clean by the dentist. Teeth feel so sparkly and smooth.

I was a bit doubtful that the Colgate Professional Weekly Clean could give the same feeling, but sure no harm to give it a go.

Using the same ingredients that dentists use to clean your teeth, this concentrated toothpaste promises to give you the same superclean, run your tongue over your toothies a hundred times, feeling. It can't and shouldn't be used to replace your regular dentist cleaning though.


And does it work? Yes it does!

Use it once a week, brushing for three minutes, for results you'll see immediately. Your teeth will look whiter too - due to the hydrated silica and perlite in the toothpaste. Ahhh, instant gratification. Now that's what I like!

Anyone else using it? What do you think?

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