Common Mistakes We're All Making With Our Foundation

If you struggle to get your foundation to look good you may be doing one of these common mistakes.


Not testing it first

We're all guilty of going into a shop and picking up the first foundation we see that seems like it should match and buying it then and there but this is a big mistake.

Nearly everywhere that sells makeup has testers available for you to try before you buy so to avoid getting a foundation that's the wrong shade or finish start making use of them.

It's especially important to ask for a few testers when buying high-end makeup as you don't want to spend money buying an expensive foundation that doesn't work for you.


Buying the wrong shade

Trying to get the right shade of foundation is a struggle I think most of us have when it comes to foundation.

When choosing a foundation shade it's best to test on your neck rather than your hand, test a few shades at once and go with the one that disappears into the skin.

If you're not sure, go to a makeup counter and ask them to help you, it will make the whole process so much easier.


Applying too much

When it comes to foundation, less is more. It's easier to build the foundation up to full coverage than to apply one thick layer and try to make it look natural.


If your foundation tends to look cakey then you may be applying too much foundation on initial application.

Layering small amounts of product is the best way to avoid the cakey foundation look and it also gives you more room to play around with minimal and medium coverage looks.


Buying the wrong formula for your skin type

There are dozens of different foundation formulas out there so buying foundation doesn't just stop at getting the right shade you also need to think about what formula will work best for your skin.

If you have dry skin don't buy mattifying foundations, opt for hydrating or illuminating foundations and of course, the reverse is true for those with oily skin.

If you want full-coverage then avoid foundations that are sheer or lightweight.

Using the correct shade and formula of foundation makes all the difference.


Not cleaning your brushes or sponge regularly

A dirty brush or sponge is not going to apply your foundation as well as a clean one because it's clogged with leftover product.

Cleaning your brushes or sponge regularly will help your foundation apply better and it's also just more hygenic.

If you wear makeup every day I'd say it's best to at least spot clean them once every 3 days and deep clean them once a week or every 10 days.



Are you guilty of any of these common foundation mistakes? I know I definitely am! 

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