This Is The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Products In

Are you confused about the correct order to apply skincare products? Well here’s a handy guide that will explain everything.


In the morning 


Even if you did a full skincare routine the night before your face will still have gathered some dirt, oil and grime during the night so it's important to cleanse every morning.

You can use the same cleanser morning and night if you like but ideally, opt for a lighter cleanser for the morning as your skin doesn't need as deep a cleanse.


Toners are used to remove any excess dirt and oil and to help balance the pH of the skin.

It's important that you get the correct type of toner for your skin type.

There are toners available for acne-prone, dehydrated and sensitive skin.


Serums deliver concentrated amounts of powerful ingredients directly to the ski and are used to target many different types of skincare concerns.

They should always be used before moisturiser as serums penetrate more deeply into the skin and if used after moisturiser they won't be able to do so as the moisturiser will act as a barrier.


Moisturiser provides hydration to the skin and helps trap all of the other products applied underneath it helping them work more effectively.

There's a lot of debate about whether or not you should have a morning and evening moisturiser.

The main difference being the ones used in the morning are lighter and contain SPF and the ones used in the evening are thicker and don't have SPF.


SPF which stands for Sun Protection Factor is a hugely important morning skincare step that should always be applied last, just before makeup application.


To save time and money you can opt for a moisturiser with SPF in it however for better protection it's best to use a separate face SPF.


In the evening

Makeup remover 

It's not enough to just remove your makeup and go straight for your toner.

After removing your makeup you should always cleanse the face to ensure the makeup has been removed effectively.

This is a skincare technique known as 'Double Cleansing'.

Eye cream 

Eye creams are basically a light moisturiser specifically designed for use around the eyes.

They help with fine lines, dark circles and puffiness and can be used morning and night, however, it's not necessary to use them twice a day.

Eye creams should always be applied after serums as they have a slightly thicker consistency but are still thinner than a moisturiser.

Spot treatment 

Spot treatments should be used at night just before moisturiser and you should always give the product a few minutes to sink into the skin.

When applying moisturiser afterwards don't apply it directly to any areas that you have just applied spot treatment to as this could wipe off the product.

Appy moisturiser around these areas.

Face oil

Face oils should always be the last step as they are the thickest skincare product and help seal in all of the other products you've applied.


Oils aren't just for dry skin you can get oils that help with sensitive and oily or acne-prone skin too.


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