Could Scrunchies Be Making A Comeback? (Really?)

the horror of hair scrunchies

Last week, I read an article on Glamour magazine's website which breathlessly predicts the imminent return of the scrunchie.

Yes, fabric covered hair ties. Those scrunchies.

I'm a bit dubious about this particular bit of crystal ball gazing, to be honest, and not just because InStyle made a similar prediction last year. Most of the women I talked to about it haven't worn a scrunchie since the mid '90s and were insistant that they'd never be caught dead in public wearing one. (Using an old day-glo scrunchie to keep your hair pulled back while scrubbing the loo is an entirely different proposition.)


American Apparel are with Glamour on this one, though. The brand have an insane extensive line of scrunchies in a myriad of colours and choice of fabrics from cotton to lamé to - everyone's favourite, surely - velvet.

Have you seen an increase in scrunchie-related activity lately? Would you wear one again?

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