Denman Fragranced Hairbrushes: A solution to the curse of dinner hair?

denman scented brushes

I came across an odd thing as I browsed the hair accessory aisle in Boots recently. I was on the lookout for sectioning clips for blowdrying my hair, but got distracted from the task at hand when I spotted Denman's new fragranced hairbrushes. Yes, that is exactly what I said; fragranced hairbrushes.

Available in such exotic options as strawberry shortcake, coconut and lemon sherbet and decorated with appropriate fruit prints, these bring nothing to mind so much as the fancy paper (and pencils and erasers) craze of my youth, when smelly stationery items were the height of every girl's desire. My eight year old self would probably kill for one and I wouldn't be too surprised to see something like this sold in the kids department in H&M, but from Denman?

They've been making professional quality hairbrushes at fairly reasonable prices for years - I couldn't live without their thermo-ceramic round barreled brushes for blowdrying or their widetooth comb for detangling. And while I can get behind the fact that they've updated their classic black styling brushes with exotic animal prints (who wouldn't love pulling a red leopard print hairbrush out of their handbag on a night out?), I really don't know why anyone would want synthetic strawberry-scented tresses.


Maybe that's just me though. Would you go for something like this?

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