Dr Hauschka says: treat like with like

Dr Hauschka is an organic brand and their approach to skincare is quite different to mainstream ideas. It's been ages since we had a Dr Hauschka post with some of his "rules" and it's definitely time again.

We talked about why he thinks you shouldn't use nightcream and why you shouldn't exfoliate.

Whaaaat! Both of these things I could not live without and I'm sorry to say that although I tried these theories out I didn't last long.

Other controversial Dr Hauschka theories include the Rhythm Method - which sounds disturbingly like the Catholic Church's only brand of approved "contraception". Which goes some way to explaining why Catholics had humongous families - until we all grew a set and ignored them. And used contraception that actually works.


Anyway another Dr Hauschka posited theory is this: treat like with like. In a nutshell what this means is if your skin is oily you should use oil to treat it. This theory actually makes a lot of sense and is something that we'd always advise anyway. He advises light clean plant oils that will help the skin to repair itself. Overharsh cleansers and toners are often used by people with oily skin, but they just strip the skin of oils and sebum - and actually encourage it to produce more.

So you're locked in a vicious circle. Your skin is oily so you blast it with some oil stripping cleanser. This is probably too harsh and dries the feck out of your skin. Skin goes berserk and produces yet more oil to counter this effect. So you end up with an even worse problem and probably more zits into the bargain.

Now Dr Hauschka thinks your skin "knows" how to regulate itself. But er, if it knows this itself why does it become spotty and greasy in the first place?

But I do agree with this piece of advice. If you've got oily skin use gentle cleansers and don't overload your skin with product. Avoid heavy moisturisers - and throw that bottle of Clearasil in the bin!

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