Eddie Hobbs would be proud of Lancome Resurface Peel

Now if you're a regular visitor to Beaut.ie, you'll know I've been going to the dermatologist lately for glycolics.

After the third one, I'm amazed by the results. Skin MUCH smoother and a bit of a glow there, even in in this desperate weather.

But it is pricey. At €100 a pop I'm considering remortgaging if this goes on much longer. And I'll tell you, for a home treatment the Lancome Resurface Peel kit is a very good buy.

Quite often I find these home versions of salon treatment quite frankly crap. They have to water them down (literally) so much that they can't possibly work.


This kit is really good though. Obviously containing a lower level of active ingredients than the salon version, it still contains enough to make a visible, but much gentler, difference.

Simple to use, everything is included. Use it a couple of times a week for a month and viola!

Thumbs up from me.

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