Everything you need to know before getting eyelash extensions

Semi-permanent lash extensions sound like a dream. When I first heard about them, it sounded too good to be true. Full, long, dark lashes every single day, without needing coats of mascara? Yes, please!

But before you all go running to the salon to book an appointment, you need to educate yourself on the good, the bad, and some annoying aspects of having Insta-perfect lash extensions.

Are they too good to be true?

Will they ruin your natural lashes?

Are they made from real mink?

Don’t worry… we have all you need to know.

Eyelash extensions aren't the same as falsies.

Unlike glueing a strip or clustered individual temporary fake lashes onto your lash line, semi-permanent lashes are applied by a trained therapist who hand-glues the extensions one by one on top of your natural lashes. Because lash extensions don't come in a strip, they are light and barely noticeable and actually look real.

They can last weeks

Strip lashes are also known as occasional lashes. They last a day/night for a specific event. Clustered individual lashes can last a little longer as they’re usually applied with a slightly stronger glue. But semi-permanent lashes can (with proper care) last for six to eight weeks. Natural eyelashes replace themselves every six to eight weeks so semi-permanent lashes will last up until they naturally fall out like lashes usually do.

They don't damage your own eyelashes 

This myth is something that puts a lot of people off trying semi-permanent lashes but it's not at all true. When applied properly, they shouldn't have any negative effect and can actually be less wear and tear on your lashes than applying mascara and curling them every day.

Mink doesn't mean mink


Most lashes are synthetic, meaning no real minks are harmed in the process. But yes, I did wonder too! You can in some places get real mink but mink is usually pricier, feels softer, and looks more natural; however, some synthetics, which are highly customizable, can also look and feel natural and end up costing as much as or more than mink.

Always go to get your lash extensions from a reputable place (preferably recommended)

When it comes to lash extensions, you really get what you pay for. Nowadays there is a lot of choice when it comes to where to go. There are different prices and different places to choose from. But remember, going cheaper may mean either poorly applied and incorrect size and shape lashes or scarier, infected lashes. Always make sure your technician washes their hands between clients, wears a mask, uses sanitary pillow covers, sterilizes their tweezers, and uses disposable eyelash brushes. Yes, you are allowed to ask your technician to confirm all these things.

They are pricey and require maintenance

A basic set (typically 70 to 80 lashes per eye) of semi-permanent lashes can range anywhere from €80-€100. Because of your natural lash cycle, as mentioned above you have to go back to have them refilled every three or four weeks. This can range from €40-€60.

The longer you go between refills, the more lashes you'll need to replace

Therefore the more it will cost you, and if you wait too long, your technician might want to give you a brand-new set of extensions, rather than refills which will result in paying for a full set again.

One size does not fit all

You may want the longest and thickest lashes your therapist has but that might not suit your eyes. The type of lashes you can get all depends on the length and strength of your natural lashes. Any reputable salon will tell you this. Wearing lashes that are too long or too thick for your lashes can actually cause damage in the long run. Therefore your extensions shouldn’t be too much longer or thicker than your natural lashes.

When it comes to density, curl, and length of your extensions, you'll want to work with your tech to figure out which is the best option for you. A good lash technician will take your face shape, bone structure, and natural lashes into consideration.



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