The foolproof guide to choosing which beauty product is right for you

How to choose the beauty product that will do what you want it to do

You're standing in a high-end department store, beauty product in hand, relying on the advice of your consultant, and debating whether you can go without lunch for a week in order to be able to afford this "must have" cream, or being terrified that  if the potion you have spent the last month saving for won't work.

We have all been there. The truth is this: no product requires another one to "work" unless they are sold together.

When choosing a product, the best thing you can do as a consumer is to make sure you are informed and educated on what it is you are getting. Understanding your products and being able to read the ingredient list is crucial. In a nut shell, a product doesn't have to be expensive for it to be good, it's more about what is in the product. Here is exactly what to look out for.

The ingredients at the beginning of the ingredient list have the most presence in the actual product. So, the ones listed at the end will only be present in extremely small amounts. Legally, the product only has to have 0.001% of an ingredient in the product to market it that way.


Serums tend to have a higher percentage of active ingredients than moisturisers as they contain fewer bulking creams. But honestly, sometimes it's the cheaper products that are the best. I always say to my clients, that the more ingredients you understand on the list, the better the product is for your skin.

And here's a bonus tip: keep your product in the fridge to make it last longer.


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