3 winter foundations with amazing coverage for all skin types

Do you love amazing coverage and a porcelain finish to your skin? These foundations will give you that flawless complexion.

Foundation is something I change often. I find my skin changes all the time so my foundation needs to change with it. In saying that, I have met about six foundation soul mates and I generally swap between them to suit the changing needs of my skin. In winter our skin gets a hard time from the harsh Irish weather. Central heating, air con and the weather cause uneven skin tone, dryness, flaky skin and a dull complexion. Winter means a heavier foundation for me, something with great coverage and a beautiful finish.

For those of you who are prone to shine, you will probably be partial to the odd spot too. You probably love a foundation that gives you amazing coverage and a matte finish. If so, you might want to add theBalm's Even Steven foundation to your collection of ultimate favourites. It turns from cream to a powdery porcelain finish as you spread it on your skin, giving unbelievable coverage. You need to work quickly with it or apply a little at a time as it dries quickly. This whipped cream effectively covers acne scarring, blemishes and spots.

Even Steven whipped foundation

theBalm Even Steven Whipped foundation €21.00

If you have generally dry skin and you love good coverage there is a fantastic gel-based formula by MAC that is wonderful for winter skin. It stays moist all day which makes it easy to touch up and reapply. This is a great one to carry with you when you have a cold and need to fix around your nose and cheek area. Dry patches are one of the hardest things to apply makeup over because often the foundation just highlights the area. This is a great formula for moistening and giving coverage to those areas.



MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation €36.50

Finally, our last winter saviour is YSL Touche Eclat foundation. This foundation is for those of you who love to wear a light foundation like a tinted moisturiser. In winter you might feel like your skin is dull and needs a little extra coverage but you still want a dewy finish. This is your winner. It is a sheer to medium finish and it's buildable so depending on whether your skin is having a good or bad day you can wear it as light or as heavy as you need.

YSL Le Teint Touche eclat best foundations for dry skin

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation €42.00

What foundations are essentials in your foundation wardrobe?

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