From glitter plaits to statement eyes, here are 5 festival looks to rock at Electric Picnic

The countdown is on to Electric Picnic is on and all that's left to plan is our outfits, hair, makeup, camping equipment, where to buy wet gear.....

With hurricane Gaston planning to make a debut appearance, we need to think smart about the looks we're planning so we don't end up looking like a colourful mess.

Or if we do go for that look, we do it in the only way we know how; we'll be doing it in style.

We've put together the top five festival trends to inspire you this weekend.


  • Glitter lip: 


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This one is easy enough to achieve as long as you can do a dark lip. 

Start off by mixing your colour of choice with Inglot Duraline or the equivalent (this will give you a water resistant and long wearing result). Line your lips with a pencil and apply your lip mix with a flat tapered brush. Clean off your brush and press your loose glitter onto your lips carefully.

Pro tip: Don't forget to bring some sellotape to remove the excess glitter that falls.


  • Glitter plaits 

Every girl needs an extra sparkle #sparkledust #braidstyles #festivalhairstyles

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You can bring some glitter to your local hairdressers the morning or if you're a dab hand at hair give it a go yourself.

Here is a quick video that might help from Canadian YouTuber Tasha Leelyn.


[iframe id=""]


  • Add some flowers to your hair 

Originally more of a bridal look, this has become a firm favourite at festivals. Grab some from your Mum's garden and run.


  • Change the colour of your liner

It can be as simple as changing the colour of your liquid liner and pairing it with a bold lip. Just make sure its waterproof!


  • Embrace glitter fallout

If you happen to find yourself the proud owner of some excess glitter, we say that it just makes for a fabulous festival feature. And we love the mermaid vibes above.



There are loads of quick and easy ways you can give yourself a festival makeover.

Let us know which look you decide to go with.

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