Gene-y Mac: Lancome Go Science-Tastic With Genifique

lancome genefoque

Launching on March 1st is Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate, Lancome's brand-new skin saviour.

Created as a result of research into genomics, transcriptomics (no, me either) and proteomics, Lancome have discovered  that youth is coded into certain skin genes and that there is a protein profile specific to young skin.

There's a lot more science going on, but in a nutshell, Genifique is designed to work on changes in gene activity to help keep your skin looking younger for longer. And it's not an age-specific product either - you can start using it in your 20s as insurance, or lash it on at 50 to plump and help promote a protein profile that's more typical of younger skins.


I've got a bottle here and it's an attractive package: glossy black glass and chromed accents make this look a hell of a lot more expensive than it is. €70 is the damage for 30ml, which seems a good price for such high-tech innovation.

And the product itself? It's a lightweight fluid that's very slightly scented and sinks in quickly. Use as you would a serum as it's a pre-moisturiser step, and you'll hopefully see a visible difference in just a few weeks. I'll be lashing on mine and I'll let you know the results.

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