Get Oxygenated With Nivea Oxygen Power Reviving Day Cream


We blogged recently about Nivea's new Oxygen range, a suite of products that are packed full of, yep, you guessed it, oxygen. There's a face wash plus day and night creams. We got the Reviving Day Cream to try, and try it we did.

First things first, texture and smell. I'm big into both and am very definitely a person who likes their skincare to smell scented. I know it's not necessary, it can clash with your fragrance, and I also know synthetic fragrance is the number one cause of allergies arising from cosmetic products, but despite all that, scent is important to me. And this smells nice - fresh and clean, so that's that box ticked. Box number two is texture - skincare lives and dies with me based on the feel of it. It it balls up and peels back off in dirty chunks, bye bye. Did I say goodbye to this? Nope, it's nice. I tried the Normal / Combination Skin one, and found that while it didn't ball up, it did take some time to sink into my skin, so if using it before makeup, you'd probably want to give it a bit of time to absorb before applying foundation.

Now, onto the claims Nivea make for it - the oxegen in the formulation helps to increase cell renewal, and that's a good thing. Increasing the turnover of skin cells means that fresh, bright ones come to the surface more quickly, giving you a healthy glow. The bad thing about that is this thins the skin, so I feel you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to sun exposure and religiously wear an SPF. This product says it contains UV filters, but I'm not sure what level of protection they offer, as it's not explained on the literature. So, be informed, and if you're concerned, use a separate sunblock with it, just as you would with any product that aims to resurface the skin.


As you'd expect from a company like Nivea, who know how to make a moisturiser, this does what it says on the tin (or can in this case) and in fact if you're mid - late 20's or early 30's, it's also quite a useful product to use to give skin that's starting to age a bit of a boost. And like all Nivea products, it's well priced too - a mere €11.25.

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