Here's why you need tan remover in your life

With the fake tan phenomenon going from strength to strength, tan remover is now an essential to have in your cosmetics cupboard.

If you are an avid fake tan wearer you'll know the struggle of removing week-old scaly tan is real. There's nothing worse than the look of tan that is beginning to look patchy. It ruins bronzed goddess look we all strive for. The only way to get rid of it successfully is with a good tan remover.

For removing old tan, the best thing to use is a self-tan eraser foaming mousse. Catwalk HQ, Bondi Sands, Cocoa Brown and Iconic Bronze all do a foaming tan remover mousse.

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How to do it

Apply the foam liberally all over and then -  the part that I don't like - wait for 10-15 minutes to let it work its magic. I'm not a fan of waiting around on tan to dry or tan to remove but you can use this time to catch up on your social media.

Once you've let it work into your skin, you can hop in the shower and shower it off. At this stage, I like to use a scrub or a konjac sponge to get the stubborn bits off.

fake tan remover

Catwalk HQ Tan Remover €15 / Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser €11.20

Bondi Sands Self Tan Remover €19.49 / Cocoa Brown Fresh Start Self Tan Eraser €9.95


I use tan remover once a week and a scrub after. There are a couple of things to note about these tan removers though. First off, you need to use them and exfoliate the day before you reapply tan. You don't do this routine just before putting your tan on. You need to let your skin settle after this cleansing process or your new tan will turn out patchy.

Secondly, please note tan removers cannot fix a tan disaster immediately. Unfortunately, there is little you can do about a really bad tan job for at least a day or two when it just begins to wear off. Tan removers are there to give your skin a great clean and help remove the last remnants of tan as opposed to fixing tan faux pas.

moxi-loves-tan-aid wipes tan remover

Moxi Loves Exfoliating False Tan Removal Wipes €4.95

Moxi Loves Tan Aid removal wipes are really handy for tan disasters especially around the hands, wrists and feet. They are rough wipes with tan erasing ingredients that are kind to your skin at the same time.



PS Instant Tan remover


PS Instant Tan Remover €3

The Penneys PS Instant Tan is lovely for giving your skin a final cleanse. Think of it as a double cleanse for your body and instead of removing makeup-your removing tan.

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