Kimia skincare: simply superb

Kima is a super luxe, totally gorgeous brand. It makes an incredible difference to your skin - from the very first application. Now I don't say that lightly.

I'm sure regular readers are well aware of my constant angst about the drier skin and fine lines which are scarily developing. They're all aware that I'm trying every product under the sun to find something to halt, slow down - or ideally reverse the impact of time. I don't have high hopes or anything do I?

I've been using the Kimia Exquisite Rejuvenating System. Exquisite it is. Rejuvinating it certainly is. It couldn't be more simple to use, cleanse your face and then all it takes is a few squirts of the face oil and then the hydra activator. You can use it day and night, however after the first couple of uses I stuck only to night time use - I prefer a different base for my makeup. But that's just personal preference, you might find it perfect.

You will actually see results from the first time you use it. Let me repeat in case you didn't get that: from the first time you use it.


It's incredible. It's gorgeous. If your skin is going through a dry spell, this will put the moisture back in, plump up lines and give you a fresher younger look.

Read all about the high quality ingredients and purchase details on the Kimia website. At the moment (as far as I know) Irish customers can only buy Kimia skincare online. Perhaps someone will think about distributing it here after this review? The Rejuvinating System costs £69 (and shipping is £7.50). This means the whole system will set you back about €120. Is it worth it? Well, the ingredients are of the highest quality. The results are fantastic. Apparently Victoria Beckham loves Kimia.

I'm with Posh on this one. Choice of husband. Check. Love of Kimia. Double check.

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