Did You Know Boob & Bum Masks Are Now A Thing?

You’ve probably heard of sheet masks but did you know that you can now get them for parts of your body other than your face? Here’s everything we know about this weird new beauty invention.


A common misconception with these masks is that they are going to give you the benefits of exercise without actually having to exercise but this is definitely not the case. 

The aim of boob and bum masks is actually to enhance the appearance of the skin in these areas. 

You can purchase sheet masks that will hydrate, tighten and help even out the appearance of the skin on your boobs and bum similar to traditional sheet masks for the face. 

According to Healthline, dermatologists do see the benefits of using masks for your bust and bum.

The skin on and around your chest can get dull and dry over time and often has some skin damage due to sun exposure so using a mask for this area can be helpful for these issues. 

The skin on the bum usually has minimal sun exposure but it may have other skin issues due to sweat and friction from clothes. 

Bum masks can be helpful for treating issues such as rashes, chaffing, irritation and pimples. 

What masks should I use?

Unfortunately, these masks don’t appear to be readily available in Ireland yet, however, we did manage to find one brand that sells a mask for both areas that is available to purchase online. 

The vegan and cruelty-free brand Anese sell a number of products targeted for the bum and bust areas.


Their Calm Your Tits Perky and Nourishing Boob Mask claims to firm, protect and clarify the bust so it’s “softer and perkier than ever”. 

It’s available for purchase from Revolve for a pricey €38.


Their Down with the Thickness Collagen Booty Mask claims to detoxify and plump your bum while leaving it “super soft to the touch”. 

It’s available for purchase from Revolve for an equally pricey €39. 


I'm personally not convinced these products are necessary or would be particularly beneficial.


Would you ever try a mask for your bust or bum?

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