Lancome Advent Calender! Lancome Christmas Crackers!

SUPER SHRIEK! The Lancome Advent Calender is here - and I have my paws on it.  It's FABULOUS.  Twenty five days and twenty five mini Lancome treats.  This is so gorgeous and so sought after that every year it sells out - almost instantly.  This year's calendar is no different in the amazeball stakes - the over excitable part of you that's thinly hidden by a veneer of maturity will fall to pieces at the sight of it

Yes, there was NO WAY I could wait until December before I cracked this open! Are you mad - look at that MINI TRESOR! That mini Genifique! That baby Jucy Tube.


And now we're on to the Christmas Beauty Crackers. Did I already do a super shriek?  Well now I'm doing another one!  Just IMAGINE these on your table at Christmas.  Instead of a plastic comb, a fish that curls up in your hand, a magnifying glass and some other pieces of plastic crap, you'll get gorgeous Lancome sample sizes of products with every cracker pull.


And OF COURSE I also pulled a Christmas Cracker! Woohoo - a Lancome Bi-Facile! There's a guy doing some painting in the house at the moment and I got him to pull it with me.  (This was followed by a very confusing exchange believe me). He actually got it - but generously gave it to me.  He was a bit. bemused by the whole thing til I excitedly explained "Mmmmm" he said speculatively "I think my wife might like these.  Actually I think my wife might love these"

 And you know what?  I think his wife will love them too.



Crackers exclusive to Brown Thomas (€60.00).  Lancôme advent calendar (€85)  available in select department stores

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