Lancôme Parisian Night's Collection: Helleeewww Sparkle

Look, I'm not apologising any more. It's October now, so I'm allowed to talk about Christmas - theoretically - if I feel like it. And it just so happens that I do, because Lancôme's Christmas collection arrived at HQ to great fanfare. I get to review it because I picked up all the stuff and ran out the door with it before anyone said I couldn't. Hey, it's Lancôme, so it's every woman for herself. No messin'.


When I got round the corner with my spoils too see if what I'd pinched was worth stealing, I was glad. I saw gold packaging, warm tones and sparkle. I'll let you look at it, but if you try to touch it, we'll have words. Begod we will...


The Parisian Nights version of the new Hypnôse Palettes is just too pretty. It'll cost 48 of your monies.

It does - like  the other Hypnôse Palettes - have a problem with dropdown, so I'd recommend applying it before foundation rather than after. The colours are beautiful and very opaque. My favourite is the warm rosey gold.


The rest of the collection is less impressive. Perhaps that's because I'm comparing it with last year's Christmas offering from Lancôme, which featured hands down the most bedazzled packaging I've ever seen, but the gold Vernis in Love polish feels a little tired. They have revitalised it a little by giving this shade - Love Illumination (E19) - a textured matte finish.


There's also a Poudre de Lumiere (E45). It's a soft gold loose powder to give you that candlelit from within Christmas season complexion. Unfortunately, I don't have it to show you, but this will be available along with the rest of the collection from November.

This is the first of many Christmas collections to come. Brushes at the ready!

Do you like the look of this? And can we finally say 'Christmas' now? Register Christmas- related complaints in the comments!

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