This miracle product will stop that inconvenient spot right in its tracks

It's happened to all of us at one time or another just before a big event. You've got the tan done, nails are shellacked, hair is set, but then, you wake up to find you have a new friend...on your face.

The horror of it! There is nothing you can do - or is there? I've just heard about a miracle product called Acne out that could be a saviour on a bad skin day.

I was doing Jennifer Rock's makeup today (or The Skin Nerd as some of you may know her), and she gave me a tip about a product. This little lifesaver is called Acne Out, and Jennifer genuinely loves it and uses it herself regularly. If you were to wake up on the day of your wedding (eek) and a spot has turned up, you can turn to this lotion for saving.

You should apply it as soon as possible and leave it on as long as you can before you need to do your makeup. It will reduce the redness and swelling around an angry spot and make it much easier for your makeup artist to disguise.


Acne out savior

Acne out is made by a company called Biotrade Cosmeceuticals. It does three jobs: it's amazing for reducing inflammation, killing bacteria and preventing scarring. What makes it special is that unlike most acne creams, it doesn't contain salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide which means it's suitable for all ages and even for use during pregnancy which is unusual for a spot treatment.

It is also a great preventative. Using any heavy makeup on acne prone skin can cause breakouts. So, if you are going to apply a heavy layer of shlap for a big event but don't want a breakout the next day, you just pop this on underneath.

Only people with acne will realise the fear of wearing makeup. Knowing that your skin will suffer the day after really takes the enjoyment out of wearing makeup. I'm a firm believer in 'prevention is better than the cure' so applying it before makeup is a great idea.

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