L'Oreal Skin Perfection: Correcting Day Moisturiser, Advanced Correcting Serum, BB Cream, Eye Cream Review

I’m slap bang in the centre of the target market for this range so who better to try it out?

  • Late 20’s/early 30’s – check
  • ‘Young but not perfect’ skin – check
  • Obsessed with own pores to the point of insanity – double check



The range promises to make your skin ‘pixel perfect’ by reducing pores and evening out texture and tone. Sounds like it’s made for me and my cavernous pores, which are visible from space. No word of a lie… Ask NASA.

Advanced Correcting Serum €29.99

This has a really rich feeling to it, and it has a nice plumping effect straight away. As you can KIND of see in the picture, its got a pearlescent quality which peps up the skin and gets you looking a bit more luminous. I love a bit of instant gratification, and this stuff is loaded with Perline – P and other promising-sounding ingredients so it plays the long game as well.


Correcting Day Moisturiser €22.99

The first thing I noticed about this is the consistency – it’s a really thick formulation. I’m all for going to bed looking like I’m smothered in Kerrygold, but in the cold harsh light of day I use a nice light hydrating formula.


When I tried this the first time I just threw it on straight after the serum. Mistake. It rebelled on me and balled and pilled. I ended up having a cleanse and starting from scratch.

So I’d recommend giving the serum ten minutes to sink in and patting this over the top. I’ve since stopped using this in the morning, because it wasn’t a brilliant base for makeup .

It’s also pink, which disturbs me; as I usually steer well clear of anything coloured and, y’know, PINK moisturiser. But it smells of L’Oreal and science and it’s working well for me at night.

BB Cream 5 in 1 Instant Blemish Balm €19.99

This is quite thick for a BB, it comes out of the tube more like a foundation than anything else, but I must say it blends well. Again I’ve found this has a tendency to ball and pill on my skin, so the application isn’t exactly foolproof. But I eventually got the hang of patting it in gently a few minutes after the serum, which avoids the whole mess.

It definitely does the job when it comes to evening everything out, although as you can see from the pic I have a bit of redness it doesn’t quite cover. But all in all a pretty good natural effect. (I'm wearing it with the eye cream and a smidgen of serum underneath.)

Awakening and Correcting Eye Cream €19.99

I was expecting this to be an eye-cream/concealer hybrid for some reason, so I was surprised to find that it’s along the same lines as the serum, a luminous white cream with a rich consistency. This seems to sink in well, and has a definite brightening effect. Impressive L'oreal, this does what it says on the shiny pink tin!


This range definitely has its plus points, the eye cream is particularly good. Also I've only been using it a week, and I've already noticed a difference in the texture of my skin. But I’m not in love with the packaging, and there’s no product that can REALLY shrink pores is there?


So what do you make of the Skin Perfection Range?  Has anyone else been trying it out?

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