L'Oreal’ Sublime Bronze Express Pro Self-Tanning Dry Mist: Tried and Misted

I have a general fear of fake tan, owing mostly to the shameful shameful fact that I cannot work the stuff for the life of me! I know it’s not rocket-science, but I never can muster the forward planning and patience that seems to come so naturally to others!

Around ten years ago I tried a really expensive fake tan for a big event. I made an absolute BALLS of it, and and ended up looking dirty and streaky. So I swore off the stuff and vowed to stay pale and interesting.

But tan technology has moved on, so I thought I’d have another bash at becoming a bronzed goddess.


I tried L' Oreal’s new Sublime Bronze Express Pro Self-Tanning Dry Mist. Catchy name, no?! Hey, if it's good enough for Cheryl!

L'Oreal seriously know a thing or two about the ole misht. There’s a six-minute video demonstrating the application of this product!  Things I’d genuinely never before considered – like moisturising my wrists – turn out to be paramount to successful fake tan application. Who knew!? (Well, everyone possibly, but it was news to me!)

So I watched the video, I prepped, shaved my legs, exfoliated, moisturised and moisturised again and BAM (24 hours later) I was ready to roll!


I totally forgot to put a towel down. (WHEN will I learn to ALWAYS put a towel down!?) So I dyed the soles of my feet (and a patch of floor) a lovely earthy brown. But the rest of me was impressively sun-kissed!


Because of the ‘micro-diffusion technology’ you just spray the product (which DOES dry almost instantly) around 40cm away from your skin and then wait for the tan to develop. It does create a very nice fine misht, but I almost couldn't resist rubbing the product in where I felt I had overdone it. The instructions say if your skin feels wet, you’re applying it wrong and I REALLY didn't want to end up all patchy!

It actually turned out really well! It’s a nice browny tan, as opposed to that tangoed look which I fear more than death. Also it’s not sticky and it dries basically straight away. Magic!

One entire calender week later and I’m STILL (sort of) tanned looking, this tan wears really well! Even as it’s been fading out it looked natural, which is impressive.

However it also promised no self tan smell and claims a fresh citrus fragrance! Hmmmph! While there’s definitely another smell ADDED to the fake tan smell, it fails to cover up that pungent, old, wet, biscuity odor.

But maybe that’s a small price to pay for nicer looking limbs?


Are you a fake-tan veteran with tips for success? And will you be trying Sublime Bronze Express?  (Read our tan and fake tan archives for more reviews).

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