Cheryl's new hair will make you want to get the chop

It's risky business getting a haircut 'round this time of year, but Cheryl may inspire you to get a new look for Christmas.

Cheryl is back with a new single ('Love Made Me Do It') and a new look. She was out promoting her song today in a pair of dodgy-looking thigh high boots (she should have worn these) and with a brand new 'do. Gone are the long, silky L'Oreal-friendly locks and their place is a wavy bob in an almost black shade.

We think she looks a bit like Jenna Dewan now. Some people think she looks 'unrecognisable'. I think she may have had some fillers and Botox, but she still looks like her gorgeous self. I have a soft spot for Cheryl that I can't explain. Maybe it's because 'Fight For This Love' was such a choooon. Take a look at her in the video below; serious cheek-filler action going on. And...that pout. But who cares if she's had a bit of work done, anyway? Your neighbour has probably had a needle full of the youth-juice injecting in their face at this stage.


She actually looks like a child.

But back to the hair. What do we think? I love it! Short, 'no-fuss' bobs are really making a comeback and we're all for it. 'Done' hair is kind of over at the moment. Like the way people are eschewing bandage dresses for clothes that are way comfier, brides are transitioning to a more 'natural' makeup look. It seems that hair is going the same way.

Sure, she probably actually has to spend ages having it look that nonchalant, but if we could afford to have our hair constantly seen to, we would too.

Let's have a listen to the song, shall we? Let us know what you think of it in the comments. And let us know what you think of the gruaig, too!

OK, now I'm just going to leave the Fight For This Love video here... I'm saying nothing!


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