Make Up Look of the Week: Emily Ratajkowski's Simple Glamour Look

The most dramatic makeup look, er, doesn't have to be dramatic at all actually.

You know when you think of high glamour, it's all smoky eyes or bright red lips and that kind of thing? This shot of Emily Ratajkowski at the premiere of We Are You Friends totally turned that on its head.


Now we know that she is blimmin' drop dead gorgeous but as long as you follow the formula this look can work for anyone, be you in a uniform or a ball gown. Nude eye palettes are absolutely everywhere for Autumn Winter (we love this one from Maybelline) and you only need one set to copy the look. A sweep of liner boosts the look of your lashes without having to stick on falsies.

A perfect-looking, dewy base is necessary but you don't need to go overboard with contouring. A little strobing might not go astray, however. See how to with our strobing tutorial.


Lips are nude all the way too, but if you feel like your lips disappear into face when you do nude, gloss 'em up for plumpness.

The trend for natural looking eye brows is still going strong (hurray!) so let your caterpillars grow. Give them an aul brush though, and fill in any gaps with brow powder, to make sure they don't enter Fr Jack territory.

Do you like Emily's look? Do you think the simple, natural look can ever look as good on mere mortals?

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