The many uses of baby shampoo

With our busy lives and hectic schedules, there is nothing better than finding a multi purpose product.

Reaching for one product definitely helps get things done a lot quicker.

Did you know one multi purpose product that may surprise you may already be in your bathroom? Baby Shampoo.

Make-up remover

Yes you read that right. Paired with some coconut oil baby shampoo can get even the stubbornest red lipstick and gel liner off with little effort. Rub the baby shampoo/coconut oil mixture all over the face and cleanse off with a warm facecloth.

Make-up remover pads


If you want an even easier option you can use baby shampoo to make your own make up remover pads. All you need is a class jar, some baby shampoo, baby oil and some cotton pads. Easy, convenient and effective.

Make-up brush cleaner

Ok, we get it- it is effective at removing makeup but one last thing. Make up brushes, a Bain on most to clean but with minimal effort and excellent results baby shampoo works a treat.

Clean your windows

Baby shampoo is a powerful degreaser. It is also great to get your windows gleaming. Pop some in a spray bottle with some water and watch you windows shine. It is a great safe and non chemical smelling cleaner.


Wash your dog

Doggie shampoos can be really expensive, and full of ingredients we can't even pronounce. Baby shampoo however works a treat! Pop some into a bottle with some apple cider vinegar and water and your pouch will be smelling like a baby in no time.

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