Are you a mascara comb or brush kinda person?

If there's one thing we're sure of it's that we all love mascara. But which kind of mascara girl are you? Are you a mascara comb or brush kinda girl?

It's a tough question for some and for others there is no debate here. You could be a bit of a swinger when it comes to mascaras. You might love trying every formula and every kind of mascara wand there is on offer. Or you could be set in your ways and always stick to the old familiar wand that you love. You might have a mascara formula you just can't stray from or a wand that feels like an extension of your fingers. Either way, we reckon there are certain traits that make you more of a mascara comb or brush kind of person.


Pictured here is your typical comb mascara wand. The one I've chosen is Mad Lash by the Balm for the simple reason that it is one of my very favourite mascaras ever. Can you see where I'm heading with this? Yes, I'm a comb girl. I'll explain why later. Firstly, I want to explain some traits that might sway you in one direction or the other.

This one pictured is another firm favourite with many mascara lovers. It is a brush wand. Maybe not a typical brush due to its pear shape but a brush nonetheless.

Now I'm not saying you must be just one or the other, but I always prefer a comb to a brush. You might just switch and find it changes your life. Or you can continue to mascara-hop ever in search of the one.



the balm mad lash mascara comb or brush

theBalm Mad Lash €19

Here are some reasons you might be more of a comb girl. A comb girl will love control. They are usually quite firm so the tip of the wand doesn't bend much through the application. Do you hate mess? The usually smaller circumference also gives you more control. Unlike a fuller head, it is less likely to touch off your eyelids and therefore less likely to mess up your eyeshadow. Finally, do you love a speedy application? If so a comb is great for applying a lot of product quickly. A comb usually has fewer bristles than a usual brush so the mascara isn't sucked back into the bristles. You will get a lot of mascara on your lashes immediately.



Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara €31

On the other hand, there are some reasons you might be more of a brush girl. Do you like things to happen at a slow and steady pace? If so you will love how a brush builds up the colour and the depth slowly. Your lashes will thicken, lengthen and darken with each stroke of the brush so you can gradually decide how full you want to go. Are you a perfectionist and like everything to be just so? A brush might be for you because you want an even distribution of the product. A brush is less likely to leave clumps as it drags the product along the length of each lash.


So now you know I'm a comb girl. I like to be in control and I like things to happen quickly. Which one are you?

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