My eyes my eyes! It burns oh it burns! When recommendations go wrong

Oooops - did I really just recommend that?

We're always being asked to recommend a good product for this or that here at and we're happy to oblige of course.

So when we meet people out and about in real life the topic usually turns to mascara or foundation - or eye cream. People are always mad to know what's rated as good eyecream.

So a few weeks ago I was asked this question by a girl who was in her twenties and had no lines around her eyes - but the atmosphere she worked in was air conditioned to the max and what with that and the cold weather she felt it was drying her skin out.

So I recommended a cream that I know is widely used and has a good reputation.


The eyecream burned her eyes. She had some kind of reaction to it and I don't want to say the name here because (a) they would probably sue the ass off me and (b) it's one that's used all the time by loads of people so it was obviously an individual thing

She's okay now - no lasting damage thank god. And the cosmetics company were really nice she said and refunded her money.

But I was morto!

Have you ever recommended something that's been a downright disaster?

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