Only love - or Sure - can leave such a mark. Does Sure Maximum Protection do the business?


I'm sure Sure is a good deodorant. The only thing is, I can't use it. Every single bleedin time I have I've ended up with white marks all over my clothes. With ordinary Sure and with Sure No White Marks. No white marks - yeah right.

We've had a great Rate it on deodorant and now I'm wondering if Sure Maximum Protection will merit an inclusion on this honour roll. It promises twice the protection of ordinary Sure and claims it will keep you wet patch free through even the sweatiest of tasks.

It's aimed at anxious sweaters - people who sweat more when their stress levels are raised. With 48 hour protection it's a cream formulation which is more like medical grade antiperspirant than regular spray ons.


But I'm too chicken to try it. Scared by previous white marks you see. So tell us - do you think this is Magnificent?

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