Penneys have a mini straightener for €6.50! And SO MANY other autumn beauty bargains

They really know what the people want, don't they? Penneys are totally on the ball when it comes to just about everything. You need to know about the new autumn delights

It's payweek. This means paying bills, eating a proper meal and going on a Penneys shopping haul. It just has to be done. Especially now, when it's New New Year time, and we need a load of new stuff to support our improved selves. Obviously, Penneys has every style item you need at a cut-price, but make some room in that massive green shopping bag for the extras. Beauty, interiors, accessories... actually, get another bag altogether.

Here are the aforementioned straighteners. HOW handy?

penneys mini straightener

Oh, and how about the full sized straightener and Goddamn curling tongs, AND travel hair dryer?! We're getting one each and all three for the office. This is the best thing that ever happened.

penneys electric

Hair Straightener 45W €14 / Curling Tong 30W, €11 / Travel hair dryer €8

Another thing we're getting for the Beaut HQ Getting Ready Area is the illuminated mirror (€15).

penneys illuminated mirror

As well as loads new beauty products, like a huge selection of brow products and a pro looking brush set, Penneys are also releasing a very fawncy looking fragrance collection. It includes unisex scents, hand wash, hand cream, fragrance oil and diffusers. Yes, you can go in our guest room, Penneys things.

penneys private collection

Private Collection

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