This Penneys sheet mask is the one product you need on a long-haul flight

The Penneys sheet mask that’s earned priority boarding in your liquids bag

Long haul flights. Crying babies, below average food, sleep deprivation, jet lag, swollen feet, the testing little devil behind kicking your chair, and, if your sleeping neighbour's head falls on you one more time, you swear you are going to tell him what’s what. Indeed these are among some of the perils of flying long haul. However, the usual paper-like, dried out and dull complexion does not have to be part of the prospect thanks to this Penneys sheet mask.

With my recent trip to Oz, I was on a mission to arrive with nothing less than beautiful, pillowy-plumped skin so that my usually overly-honest family collecting me would react with a: “Jeez, you look great, you don’t look like you’re after flying 24 hours at all”, despite feeling like I need to sleep for a month straight.

While I jam-packed my liquids bag with coconut oil and creamy hydrating masks (which I applied regularly), coupled with the usual double cleanse, tone, tone mist, eye cream, serum and moisturiser*, I can honestly say my number one true skin saviour cost just €1.50.

penneys sheet mask Brightening Pearl Sheet Mask

*Disclaimer: the skincare routine is not intended to act as a substitute to a sheet mask. They both go hand-in-hand, folks. It is essential to rid your skin of the sloughs of the icky plane air. Just, ew!

Drum roll, please. I give you the Brightening Pearl Sheet Mask from the Penneys PS range; one product that seriously deserves a spot in your liquids bag. Granted, with it on, you might be on the receiving end of a few raised eyebrows and sniggers from the aircrew. But, if you’re willing to brave all of that and not care, then you’re in for a treat with this purse-friendly gem. After all, everyone is tired, walking around barefoot and performing altitude relieving exercises - nobody really cares.

How to apply

Unwrap and unfold this all kinds of beautiful and apply on to a thoroughly clean face. Despite instructions directing to apply for 15-20 minutes, I left mine on for the bones of an hour and even had a snooze during the process. After, I peeled off the mask to unveil glowing, plumped, hydrated looking skin. It was more to do with the feeling rather than the look for me; it was as if my face had gotten a much-needed injection of a gallon of water.

Getting the most of the product

I applied the residue of the product like a serum every 30 minutes – one hour after. This really kept hydration levels topped-up and rejuvenated the overall feel of my skin.

My mom, though sceptical at first, had never tried a sheet mask. Having one to spare, Mom finally gave in to the harsh air conditioning and its dehydrating skin-effects and decided to give it a go. Her result was also overwhelmingly positive, and she swore to stock up back home.


I've used this Penneys sheet mask, and it has never let me down when in need of an instant hit of hydration. However, it really proved itself when flying long haul. While you can apply all the lotions and potions in the world - which I did - nothing else really quenched my thirsty, parched skin quite like the sheet mask. It is worth arming yourself with one of these before embarking on your next long haul flight. Trust me; your skin will thank you for it.

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