The very important wedding preparations you could be forgetting about

Are you happy in the knowledge you have all your wedding beauty preparations in check?

You have your makeup artist booked, and your hairdresser booked so what else could you need, right? Well, you could be neglecting a few important details...

If you are using a professional photographer for the day, you need to up your beauty game. The high-res pictures will show up every tiny detail; I'm talking freckles you didn't even know you had! That's why it's important to have every part of your body prepped and preened ready for the big day. It's easy to forget about things like your feet, hands, nails and even your back or chest area depending on the style of dress you are wearing.

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First of all, think about what areas of your skin will be on show in the dress. Consider the shoes you will be wearing, length and neckline. These areas are going to need some TLC over the next while.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from back acne (like me), this problem could be visible depending on your neckline. It's best to tackle the problem a good few months in advance. Use a pH balanced shower cream along with Image Clear Cell salicylic-based gel cleanser. It's the best way to clear up that problem area. The same treatment will work to clear up blemishes and spots on the chest area.


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Lots of people are squeamish about feet, so nobody wants unsightly trotters sticking out of their peep toe shoes. Have a few pedicures in the months coming up to the wedding. You could always use the trip(s) as an excuse for a girls day out with your bridesmaids; and an obligatory prosecco lunch.
If you want to get your feet in shape yourself, here are a few home remedies for you. Two spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar with 'the mother' each morning will help get rid of any toenail fungus (ew, I know, sorry). Get yourself a foot file, some nail and cuticle oil and a good foot cream to massage in each night.
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