Do you love your body enough to put your face cleanser all over it?

Behold the product that does two jobs in one go. MooGoo Natural Milk Wash is made for both your face and your body.

In general, we probably take better care of our faces than our bodies. I mean, it's enough effort to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and moisturise just that little area let alone my whole body. That's a way bigger surface area and takes about three times as long as it does to thoroughly cleanse my face.


MooGoo Natural Milk wash

MooGoo Milk Wash €14.95


This genius cleanser is a face and body wash in one. I love the idea of using face products on my body because what makes it less worthy anyway? Often, I use my leftover moisturiser and serums on my arms or tummy. I am acutely aware that my body is going south as quickly as my face so I like to take good care of it. I also like speed and convenience so a 2-in-1 cleanser to clean me all over is ideal.

This cleansing milk is really just gorgeous. It's completely natural. They even explain the scientific names of the ingredients in layman's terms on the back of the bottle. That way, you can be completely sure you are only putting natural goodness onto your skin. It is made up of six different cleansing agents instead of just one main cleanser. And the smell; it smells like sweet milk. Or if you are familiar with my old favourite sweets - milk teeth - it smells a bit like those. That's a good smell, most of you will agree. The smell and the texture make it feel delicate and soothing. As for the texture, it is a milk with a translucent look to it, almost as if it is mixed with a gel.

I use it to wash myself in the shower. I generally take off my makeup roughly with a micellar water first and then use this as my second cleanse. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and smooth all over. As you get a whole half a litre in the bottle you won't mind giving yourself an all-over-scrub with it. What's more is that you will literally have a bottom as smooth as a baby's after using it!

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