Is Rose Gold the prettiest, most flattering hair hue?

And there was I thinking that the Rose Gold shade had had its Micheal Kors watch day. Nopes, it's just migrated from wrists to heads.

Colouredy hair is In at the mo (I blame the Hunger Games and the people of The Capitol), and while I've never had even the spark of an inclination to go pink or green or yellow yellow, Rose Gold is oh, so very pretty, and Emma Roberts is changin my mind. She's had her hair rose-fied recently, and it is only lovely.

This before and after Insta post shows how flattering and soft and current it can be.


And, it's not just for blondes!

Feeling those #rosegold hues ? It's so nice to finally have a change up!

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Not that it's a new trend, Sienna Miller sported the hue back in 2013, but I think it's become popular because people are drawn to colours these days, but they don't want to go too far out there. I get it. I want it.


Do you agree that rose gold is the prettiest out-there hair hue?

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