Sarah Jessica Parker just got SATC Season 5 Carrie hair

Sarah Jessica Parker's super blonde hair is almost a Carrie throwback - except it's way better

Carrie Bradshaw's hair was the 7th star of Sex and the City (after Carrie the human, Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, New York and Carrie's wardrobe). In a world of 90s flat ironed hair was Carrie's wild curls. Like Carrie herself, they could not be tamed. Not until Season 5 when she got that curly bob that apparently Sarah Jessica Parker hated.

Since SATC finished ten or so years ago, SJP has sported a range of long, blonde, hairstyles that most certainly is tamed because she's got a team to coif it for her every time she has to go somewhere as SJCarrie. The shade is fifty-something lady brownish beige. The look is Frances, the character she plays in Divorce, a successful wife and mother who didn't cut her hair and put on the capri pants as soon as she got married.

But now Sarah Jessica is embarking on something new, and she's got a bright blonde lob for whatever it is.

I'm her, Vivienne Day 1 "Unfollow The Rules" X, SJ

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So it's not quite Season 5 Carrie (SJP hated it after all), but it is really, really nice.


It's not the type of bright blonde that older women sport because it's easier to grow out their whites. It's bombshell blonde, it's youthful, and we want it.

In other Sarah Jessica Instagram news, she posted a pic of three dresses she spied in an 'undiscovered Village treasure' while 'on a late night walk with the family'. Hamlet's Vintage, FYI.

And then, two weeks later, SHE WORE ONE OF THEM!


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