How to make your morning beauty routine more manageable

Mornings are hectic at the best of times.

Whether you have children to get up and ready, a pet you need to tend to or you just stayed up a bit late last night. More often than not you probably find yourself rushing around to get ready.

Luckily we have some handy tips to help make your mornings a bit easier.

Dry shampoo at night

Dry shampoo is a shortcut in itself, but applying it at night will save you even more time! Simply spray it over your roots as part of your nighttime routine and tie it up in a loose bun. Your hair will be fresh and full of volume in the morning.

A good money saving tip for this is if there are children in the house and you have plenty of talc powder. It makes a cheap and cheerful alternative to dry shampoo!

Use multi-purpose products

Choose a mascara that can also apply a tint to your brows, a lip product that also doubles up as a cheek tint or a tinted moisturiser with an SPF (or all three!). Mornings are so much quicker when you don't have to fumble around with loads of products to perfect your look.


Morning beauty routine

Prep the night before

And I just don't mean your clothes. Try to coordinate shoes, accessories and even your make up colour palate the night before to make the morning a breeze.

Plait your hair at night

If you can do a nice, tight French braid this works great, plait your hair before bed and put a spritz of hairspray on and a hair net over it. The next day your hair should be in perfect order for work.

This is a double whammy because you can wear it to bed again that night and in the morning take it out and have perfect waves. The ultimate time-saving hair hack!




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