Shriek! Is One of Our Favourite Beauty Products Leaving Us?

* UPDATE: We have just got word that the Camouflage Cream, Cover Stick and Re-touch Light Reflecting Concealers aren't leaving the range altogether. There is an update in A/W with new and exciting innovations for concealers, but they they current ones are staying put also! Phew. Crisis averted.

So there I was minding my own business, not avoiding work at all, when I stumbled across something that shook me to the very core. This might be shocking news to some of you too, so make sure you're sitting down for this and maybe have your smelling salts at the ready. OK...Catrice are discontinuing their Camouflage Cream. *

And we wept.

To make matters worse, the Re-touch Light Reflecting Concealer is also leaving the range, as is the Cover Stick. There there now, let it allll out. Because I have the Catrice people on speed dial I contacted them immediately and alas, it's really true.

Catrice Camoflage Cream Concealor



Before you all swarm to your latest Catrice stockists like a herd of little squirrels who've just realised it's nut gathering time, we have to form a plan of action. What's gonna replace this cheap as chips makeup bag staple? Well, Catrice inform me that it will be replaced by something very cool and special and great but we're gonna miss this little guy.

We had a discussion a while back about your favourite makeup gems that have been discontinued but now it's time for a follow up. Have you found a replacement for that product you loved? Has anything better come along?

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