Skin Specifics: How to Diagnose a Normal Skintype

normal skin

You're a lucky divil, and you'll know you've got this covetable skintype because basically, you need to do absolutely nothing to it. It doesn't keep you up at nights with the worry, you don't spend every waking hour checking to see if your makeup has slid half-way down your face and you definitely don't own a special mirror for hoking-guck-out-of-your-chin sessions. Ahem.

Other ways for you to assess your skintype as normal are:

  • A peachy-looking complexion
  • Smooth, even tone and texture
  • Normal, lightly visible pores
  • A good balance of moisture across your whole face, with no one area being dryer or oilier than another

So, are there any guidelines for keeping a normal skintype looking good?


The temptation, of course, is to do absolutely shag-all if you've got great skin. But be wary, says Urbana's Paula Cuddihy: "you still need to use something with antioxidants as they help to combat damaging free radicals." Paula's got a nice line in helping the puzzled understand what exactly a free radical is - just think of Angelina Jolie and you have it: in she comes to Brad 'n Jen's marriage and busts it right up. And she''ll do the same to your skin if you let her!

So, look for a moisturiser that's got lots of nice antioxidants and which is light and not too heavy. Oil-free products can be ok too - try them on for size and see how you get on.


  • Murad Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF 15
  • Hint: vitamins E, A and C, green tea, alpha lipoic acid and beta carotene are commonly used and effective anti-oxidants and are found in many face creams.

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