Sneak Peek: Clinique New Pop Lip Shades and More

Clinique first introduced their Colour Pop Colour and Primer lipsticks earlier (€19.50) this year and I was very taken with them, especially Cherry Pop and Punch Pop which you can see in action in our tutorial here.

I've used them on shoots but I also personally wear them (a lot) so I'm not only talking with my "make up artist" hat today but also my "normal gal, who likes a good lipstick" hat too.

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There are so many lip colour shades and textures available now a days that it takes something a bit special to stand out from the noise (in my book anyway) so I'll briefly go into why I like them.

Firstly, there's a good pigment to the Colour Pops, plus lovely shine, but let's face it, lots of other lippies out there offer that too. So if I had to choose one thing in particular that brings me back to these it would be how comfortable they feel to wear.

That sounds like a simple thing but I've dabbled with multiple offenders over the years that are gorgeous, and promise to be long lasting, moisturising etc and in the end, quite simply aren't. Sort of like having a pair of beautiful but pinchy shoes - you wear them because they're nice, but secretly can't wait to take them off.

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Anyway, I've gone off point a little. As we know, Clinique are primarily a "safe" brand when it comes to colours so more adventurous make-up fans might say that they're lacking in the shade/variety department. The good news is, that they're expanding the collection next month, adding eight new shades, (although as I said, don't be expecting anything wild or out there such as black), the newer shades include variations on nude, pink, peach, red and berry.

And I managed to get my hands on two of the new shades, Kiss Pop (pink) and Sugar Pop (rose/nude), which I've swatched here for you above.

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Also swatched (above) are two of the new Quickliners for Lips (€19) "Intense Passion" and "Intense Cosmo" which are launching the beginning of November too.

There are 12 in the collection and like the Clinique Quickliners for eyes, these are twist up rather than actual pencils - a style of liner I have a love/hate relationship with, namely because when I'm working on set I feel I can't get quite a sharp enough line, but then on myself I like that I don't have to faff around with a sharpener. Horses for courses. As you can see though, the liners are highly pigmented and very soft which is a big bonus. They don't budge either, which is again a blessing and a curse because if you get your liner wonky you're goosed but if you get it right it'll last all night.

The new Colour Pop lipstick & Quickliners for lips will be counters from November 6th if you feel there is space in your make up kit for such colourful babies.


What do you reckon, will you be saving your pennies for these fellas?

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