Sweet Easter treats from Lush

Sacrilegious as it sounds, I'm not a big fan of the day- and sometimes week-long gorging on chocolate that tends to follow Easter Sunday. Don't get me wrong, now: I like a Creme Egg or a Twix with my tea as much as the next sane person and a couple of measly little squares of dark chocolate has never sorted a craving for me. Even so, I quite like the idea of a little bunch of daffodils or a spring-y beauty bit (or, y'know, nothing at all) to the annual gifted chocfest.

Lush are on the same page, it seems: they've got a load of egg-cellent (sorry, sorry) alternative Easter-themed goodies on the go, including the pair that I've been trying.

The Heñata bath ballistic (€5.95) is like a piñata for the bath, but it's a hen. Hence, Heñata. I felt a bit bad about smashing her bath bomb outer crust against the side of my bath (the instructions made me) but it was only a momentary, fleeting guilt; after all, I've never had a smack of any sort of piñata before and it's something I always wanted to do.

Turns out she was packing lots of hidden loveliness in the form of soap paper confetti, flower petals, and two bonus bath ballistic eggs, which continued to fizzle longer than the hen herself. The scent was an uplifting citrus mix thanks to tangerine, bergamot and mandarin oils, a combination that I really like, but some people might find the combination a bit too zing! awakening for nighttime baths.

Others might be put off by the colour the water turns. Drop this little lady in and it gradually goes a bright yellow. Personally, between that and the fizzing I felt like I was in a Berocca bath, but I can understand that some might see yellow water and think something different.


If you know what I mean.

If you prefer bath products that last for multiple uses, The Carrot (€6.25) is a re-usable bubble bar shaped like Bugs Bunny's favourite foodstuff. Weirdly (and thankfully) this smells fruity rather than carroty, although apparently it does contain skin smoothing and rejuvinating carrot oil.

Lush recommend swirled it around your bathwater by its green top, but I found that I actually got a better bubble payoff by holding it under a running tap.

The Carrot holds up fine under running water, and even after dosing my bath generously with it there's plenty left. I reckon this will easily stand me three or four baths.


What do you reckon? Is a non-chocolate Easter treat a treat at all in your book?

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