The Beautie Awards 15 Short List: Makeup

Warpaint, slap - whatever you want to call it makeup plays a huge part in the lives of many women. How satisfying is it when you perfect a makeup look with the help of a great eyeliner, lippy or blush?

So what are your makeup bag staples? 

You've been voting in your droves to highlight your favourite products and now we can reveal the Beautie Awards 15 makeup category shortlist. So exciting!


These short lists represent the most popular products as voted for by you in the long list nominations. And it's so important that you have your say in the shortlist - women will use the winners list as a reference point for the rest of the year, so tell us what you really rate.

And don't forget to spread the word. It doesn't matter if you or your friends didn't vote in the long list stage; the more wise women (and men) who vote in this final stage the more representative the winners will be.

Simply click on your favourite product in each section and hit 'Vote'.

And don't forget to vote in our other categories:




Male Grooming

Shortlist voting remains open until midday Monday 25th May 2015.




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