This is the reason your falsies look a bit crap - and here's how to do it right

Have you ever put on false lashes only to have them start peeling off on one side. That's probably because of one simple reason: they don't fit.

Much like your trousers will start to slip down if they're a few sizes too big, lashes just won't stay put unless they're tailored. While your pants will stay up if you stick on a belt, unfortunately, lash glue doesn't work that way. The solution is obvious: cut them. But though we live in the hope that that step alone will make lash application will become easier, you still need to know the knack.

My method in the past was to put a line of glue on the lash strip and then awkwardly fumble with it at my eye and hope for the best. It never worked. There was always too much or too little glue, or the fake lash line was not close enough to the real one. We gave a quick little lesson on Insta Stories a couple of weeks ago that explained the tricks behind basic lash application. If you missed it, catch up now. And I promise, I did it myself, all on my own at the weekend and it worked. It really worked.

  • Step One

  • Step Two

  • Step Three


The easiest way to do this is to attach a line of glue onto the false lash and touch it lightly against your real lash line.

  • Step Four

Carefully does it!

  • Step Five

Uncomfortable, but necessary.

  • Ta-da!


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