This wonder skincare product is purchased every minute world wide

This wonder skincare product isn't called Liquid Gold for nothing. It has so many benefits for your skin that one is purchased every second worldwide.

There is one 100ml bottle of Alpha H Liquid Gold sold every minute of every hour each day worldwide. Now that's enough to make our ears prick. It has become famous for its super fast results. I could see a difference in my skin after just three uses. I have been incorporating this into my skincare regimen for a few months now so I can officially say it really is a wonder skincare product.

Liquid Gold basically exfoliates, smoothes and brightens your skin while you sleep.  The active ingredient in Liquid Gold is 5% Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid is a natural fruit acid most commonly derived from Sugarcane. Glycolic Acid can give your skin a deep exfoliation. It gives a much more effective exfoliation than a typical mechanical exfoliator that only removes surface dead skin cells. Glycolic can penetrate deep into your skin and break down the 'skin glue' that holds dead skin cells hostage within your skin.

Alpha H Liquid Gold wonder skincare product

Alpha H Liquid Gold €35.95

Liquid gold uses a low pH which makes your skin work hard to regenerate itself while you sleep. Your skin should actually feel firmer in the morning after the first time you use it. This low pH causes your skin to tingle as you apply it. To counteract the Glycolic Acid, Liquid Gold also has Licorice Root which has soothing properties to calm and soothe your skin while the Glycolic works its magic.


You apply it as you would a toner. The formula is just like water with no real smell or texture to it. After cleansing your skin you just apply it with cotton pads. I have sensitive skin so I was a bit apprehensive about using it the first time. I used damp cotton pads to apply it to my skin. If you wet the cotton pads it slightly dilutes the formula and makes it a little weaker. I started off using it on damp cotton pads just twice a week and built up to applying it every second night without wetting the cotton pads first. I also applied a moisturiser on top to keep my skin hydrated while it worked. Now, I can use it three times a week by itself and my skin feels firmer and softer and it has evened out my skin tone.

If you are particularly sensitive or reactive skin you can go for the Liquid gold with Rose extract which soothes your skin.

alpha-h-liquid-gold-rose wonder skincare

Liquid Gold Rose €42

Liquid Gold can be used anywhere on your body. It's a handy tool for removing stubborn fake tan. You can use it where you have dry hard skin anywhere on your body - elbows and knees, for instance. It also helps to keep your hands looking young by evening out skin tone and helping minimise the look of sun damage.

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