Wow - New Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Day Cream is VG

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Blow me down with a feather and colour me all sorts of surprised: there's a Nivea product out there I think is genuinely good and I'd have to admit to not being a big fan of the brand in general. Ok - Nivea Soft is a nice simple product that hydrates, but is probably best kept for body and I mistrust anything on sight that has the words DNA (hello Nivea DNAge!) in the title. Unless of course, it is DNA.

So that's why I was perfectly prepared to not think Very Much At All of Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Day Cream. The pot's good to start off with, though: a heavy glass affair, it feels weighty and expensive. Score one. Next up was a protective foil seal to keep ingredients fresh, also good for the price-point. Interesting and interestinger, I investigated a bit more. The gloop itself is enriched with mango milk and cashmere proteins, feels really rich and nourishing on skin and smells lovely.

Like the Body Shop's Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream, this stuff is shot-through with radiance-y sparkly bits, and it's also lightly tinted to enhance your complexion. Not the best for bed, so, and the brand are full of puff about it: "as any makeup artist will testify, when it comes to naturally beautiful skin, less truly is more. Layers of concealer, foundation and powder simply can't replicate the glow of naturally beautiful skin."


This sentence should truthfully read: "as any makeup artist will testify, if everyone had naturally beautiful skin and a moisturiser could deliver that, they'd be out of a job." So no, I don't think (unless your skin is clear and amazing) that this will be enough coverage for the average gal. Sure, the shimmer is pretty and cheekbone-accentuating, but I won't be ditching my foundation just yet and as there's no SPF, you'd be foolish to in any case.

All in all, this is a terrific product, and best of all is perhaps the weeny cost: €9.99. More of this please, Nivea.

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