Yummy Scrummy Brand: Cowshed


Don't be a grumpy cow! Or do - but make sure that it's Grumpy Cow by Cowshed, to be precise.

Created by the fab folks who own Babington House (which our own dear Bellinter is happily modeled on), Cowshed is a range of bath, body and home fragrance treats that are all whipped up in....yep, you guessed it - a cowshed.

While they're mad easy to come by in the UK, we have to make to with trekking to Harvey Nicks for a fix, or to Galway's Cloon Keen Atelier. But it's worth it for the chance to pamper yourself with treats from the Grumpy, Knackered, Mad and Lazy Cow ranges, which include candles, delicious body washes, massage oils, soaps and bath foams. All smell DELISH, and are rammed full of essential oils and naturally nice goodies.


And for the guys? Why, they can try the Bullocks for Men range, of course.

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